What Sports Supplements Can Kids Take

August 21, 2019

Hey, everyone! Coach Kris here-- the co-founder of POWERHOUSE SUPPLEMENTS which is an ADULT & KID FRIENDLY sports nutrition line inspired by THE POWERHOUSE PRINCESS who is a 36X WORLD CHAMPION powerlifter, at the age of 13, who accredits 90%, or more, of her success to what she is eating and supplementing with, and today...I'd like to blog about our KID FRIENDLY amino source, known as GAME CHANGER, by explaining how this product aides mental focus, muscle growth  and muscle endurance. 



So the MILLION DOLLAR question is ...WHAT CAN MY CHILD TAKE? As parents, we want our kids to do their best and feel their best. In turn...let me start by saying that NO amount of supplements can beat a great diet, so if you need nutritional guidance, please reach out to me at any time at dreambig@powerhousefamilyfitness.com with a SUBJECT of WHAT SHOULD MY CHILD BE EATING? Now...since I answer this question a ton, I already have it all laid out for you, however, the reply is about GAME CHANGER and how it can enhance performance. Please note that the ingredients can be found in foods that you could buy at your local grocer, but are formulated into a powder form for easier and faster consumption. There are similar products on the market, but we, of course, are partial to GAME CHANGER. Please also note that our daughter, THE POWERHOUSE PRINCESS, has been supplementing with similar products since the age of 8, but that we advise everyone to consult with their PCP first for safety reasons. 



So here is the science of it: it is formulated with electrolytes, B Vitamins, BCAAs (aminos), and Ginger. What one goal was, in formulating GC, was to enhance mental focus. My own personal theory is this....if a human is chemically induced into better focus, then they are not going to want to disrupt the flow of a classroom, for instance, for those of you inquiring about if GAME CHANGER can help with ADHD and/or mental fatigue, etc. I can say from using our products that I, myself, am more in-tune with whatever project/workout/etc...I am attacking for the day.


Now...in regards to the Ginger--Ginger has over 100 compounds and at least 50 of those are anti-oxidants. AOs prevent free radical damage, which the brain is susceptible to. Also....Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and many brain disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s are linked to chronic inflammation of the brain. Ginger can also increase neurotransmitters in the brain as well as blood flow. It has been known to improve memory too. In turn, strong mental focus equals BETTER PERFORMANCE. Our favorite attribute of ginger is its healing properties. From general soreness to arthritis to nagging pains, Game Changer has helped many athletes and fitness enthusiasts to stay in the game! 


In regards to BCAAS (branch chain amino acids)...one of the three is called Valine. Deficiency in Valine could lead to reduced mental function because it is essential for mental focus and emotional calm. The other two are known as Leucine and Iso-Leucine, and they both aide in muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle stamina. 


The electrolytes are what carry water throughout the body aka...a dehydrated body is inefficient for several reasons, so it always best to drink water as well as consume "electrolyte rich" foods or products. 


Lastly...B Vitamins are great for a "natural" energy as well as for alertness.


The product comes in fruit punch and in a powder form. All of these ingredients can be found in foods, of course, but being in a powder form means it enters the system faster and is bio-available aka...it skips the digestion process, that food has to take, and heads to the needed areas of the body faster.


To all of our POWERHOUSE SHOPPERS, I suggest drinking it before school, for those who have kids who have a hard time focusing in class, or before a practice if using for sports purposes (or before a workout). We also suggest to drink GAME CHANGER daily because even though the powder makes it bio-available, it could take-up to 7 days for the B Vitamins, themselves, to become effective. The body also works more effectively with consistency. 


So that is the science behind it and we truly believe in this product. If you have any questions, you can reach me at dreambig@powerhousefamilyfitness.com and when shopping www.teampowerhouseathletics.com, be sure to use DISCOUNT CODE upyourpower at the check-out! 


Everyone have a fit & fearless day!


Until next time,

Coach Kris @Coachkrischanning 


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