How Do I Get Rid of Leg Fat?

August 15, 2019



Hey, guys! Coach Kris coming at you, and I hope everyone has had an amazing 2nd week of August. I seriously cannot believe how fast time is flying! It's like I literally look down and back up and then's a NEW MONTH! Eeeeks!


But in any regard, in this week alone, I have had two beautiful souls ask the following:


1) How do I decrease "inner leg" fat?


2) How do I tighten the abdominal region?


So, if you have ever given birth, or went through a period of weighing more and now weighing less, you may be battling loose skin in not only your abdominal region but maybe in some other places as well. Guess what else?! If you're a female, we, sadly, tend to carry weight in our legs. I have been at this for almost 5 years, and my legs are still, to this day, a problem, however, what has worked best for me is my nutrition plan. I know, I all hear me preach "diet" all of the time but it is the most UNDERRATED source of progress out there. Society had told us to EAT LESS and EXERCISE MORE! are some of my reasons why FOOD IS THE MECCA:


1) You are what you eat! The body is made up of fats, protein, carbs and water. Water, for instance, improves SKIN ELASTICITY! In turn, if you don't have any "doctor recommended' "fluid restrictions for health problems, shoot for a gallon of water a day! And pssst....please don't say, "BUT I HATE WATER!" Well...then don't drink it then! Stay exactly how you are *shrugs*


2) Vitamins, like B3, help with SKIN ELASTICITY. These 16 FOODS are high in B3! Plan to eat at least 4 solid meals a day. Not sure on how to align your meals? Ask me about the 15 WEEK SLIMDOWN course. New courses start every Monday and within the first 5 weeks, you will be a MEAL PREP MACHINE! 


3) A dehydrated body stores water out of fear that you are never going to hydrate yourself. In turn, a lot of what we think is body fat, is actually water retention from being dehydrated! This said, WATER RICH FOODS can help the body to release stored water, which leads to a tighter body. I, however, would not recommend all of the foods at the link because some are high in sugar and sodium, which can have an adverse effect. To learn what foods are the best at reducing water weight, message the 15 WEEK SLIMDOWN with a TELL ME MORE!


4) Eating can boost your metabolism. Okay, the best example I have is this: Let's say you are starving to death. Like...literally STARVING TO DEATH because maybe you were in some crazy plane crash like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, and you have no food. Well, the body is programmed for survival meaning the less calories (energy) you give it, the less calories it releases. In turn, the body begins to hoard everything it can. Muscle is usually the first to go, then the rest of your body until organ failure. Now....hopefully this never happens, but just going long periods in-between meals can cause your body to slow itself down. So one of the best ways to boost your metabolism is to eat solid meals 4-6 times a day. These aren't huge Mcdonald's meals. I am talking a small meal that has healthy protein, fats and carbs. 


5) Speaking of FATS, here comes my last bit: Fats Do Not Make Us Fat! In fact, if you don't eat fats, the body....the body what??? ....the body HOARDS FATS! So get a serving of healthy fats in at each of your meals. 


Guys...I literally cannot preach it enough though. FOOD is such a powerful tool! More powerful than exercise in my book! So please don't hesitate to reach out to me about joining one of my SLIMDOWN courses. It will truly change your life!


Until the next question...Have a good one, ya'll!


-Coach Kris, @coachkrischanning 

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