Smith & Smith Break World Records at AAU Games

July 27, 2019


As Summer 2019 is coming to a close for many students, two Oklahoma athletes are capping-it with WORLD RECORDS in the underrated sport of powerlifting. Damiyah Smith and Gage Smith, with no family ties, are both students of Commerce Public Schools, and are both back-to-back Oklahoma State Champs for Oklahoma School Sports. Best in the State of Oklahoma is definitely one to be proud of but what about best in the world? Well, this past week, at the AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Gage Smith broke his first ever world records to add to his 20 NATIONAL TITLES in the AAU Federation, and Damiyah Smith, known as THE POWERHOUSE PRINCESS, broke her 36th WORLD RECORD. 


These two Sensational Smiths train 5-7 days at week at the HOUSE OF STEEL GYM in Commerce, Oklahoma, and have been training for the sport since grade school. Damiyah Smith enters into the 8th grade in a few weeks and Gage into his 10th grade year. Along with powerlifting, both Smiths are active in school sports such as football and basketball, as well as student government and club activities. When not in the gym or classroom, they're perfecting their sports nutrition in the kitchen and with POWERHOUSE SUPPLEMENTS such as with the "kid friendly" GAME CHANGER sports drink inspired by THE POWERHOUSE PRINCESS herself. Both athletes accredit 90%, or more, of their success to what they are eating and drinking.

Speaking of success, Gage Smith went 7 for 9 this past week with a SQUAT of 450#s, a BENCH PRESS of 260#s, and a DEADLIFT of 500#s weighing-in at 215#s. That 450# SQUAT is what earned him his first WORLD RECORD in the AAU FEDERATION and his total of 1210#s earned him his 2nd. At the mere age of 16, Gage Smith, aka G-BABY, is going to be a tough act to follow. Gage Smith is also bringing home several pieces of hardware from his COMBINE competition which involved BENCH PRESS for REPS, STANDING BROAD JUMP, CLEAN for REPS, UNDERHAND TOSS and a 40 YARD DASH. That's not all, folks....Gage Smith, in his first ever appearance at the AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS, is also bringing home the prestigious Joel Ferrell Award and will forever have his name engraved on a plague at AAU HEADQUARTERS. 


The "other" Smith, aka Damiyah Smith, in her 5th appearance at the AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS, had an outstanding performance in both powerlifting and the COMBINE. Damiyah Smith was 7 for 9 with a SQUAT of 189#s, a BENCH PRESS of 126#s and a DEADLIFT of 235#s. Damiyah Smith earned her 36th WORLD RECORD with her BENCH PRESS of 126#s, at a body-weight of 112#s, and also pumped-up 43 bench presses in 60 seconds during the COMBINE to earn her the bragging rights of MOST OVERALL REPS for the entire competition and out of all age groups which were ages 8 to 16. 


Per, "The AAU is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer sports organizations in the country. As a multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. The AAU philosophy of “Sports for All, Forever” is shared by over 670,000 members and 60,000 volunteers nationwide. Over 34 sports are offered in the 57 AAU Districts. Programs offered by the AAU include: AAU Sports Program, AAU Junior Olympic Games, AAU James E. Sullivan Memorial Award and the AAU Complete Athlete Program." This year's event will see over 18,000 athletes over the course of almost two weeks. To learn more about joining, visit


See the highlights of Smith & Smith's competition below and FOLLOW both on INSTAGRAM @powerhouseprincessok and @gsmithpowerlifter.





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