Arnold Sports Festival Sees Youngest Business Owner Ever

March 4, 2019


What were you doing at 12-years-old? Good question, right? I’d say that many of us were spending weekends in a basketball gym or watching movies or playing video games. All great, by the way, but what about entrepreneurship? At age 12, we don’t think that too many kids, especially in this “technologically savage” day in age, are thinking about their next business move but we know of one young lady who is. Damiyah Smith, who goes by the nickname of the POWERHOUSE PRINCESS, is straight out of the hometown of Mickey Mantle, and is making moves in the fitness industry with her new company, POWERHOUSE ATHLETICS.





Smith states that her company is an apparel brand and “kid friendly” supplement line. Supplements are known to help athletes, students and people of all backgrounds become more efficient in their physical activities as well as more mentally focused for a day’s tasks. Smith, who has broke 32 world records in powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, tells us that she has supplemented with BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) since age 8, and that she accredits 90% of her success to what she eats and supplements with.





Speaking of age 8, Smith became the youngest in the fitness industry when the late, great Rich Piana made her a member of his well-known 5% Nutrition company— so Smith is no stranger to the business, and she states that after Piana passed away, she felt like she had to keep going in order to spread the 5% MENTALITY, and #PowerhouseRevolution, to more young athletes and families. In keeping Piana’s many business conversations in mind, Smith unloaded the brand at the LA FIT EXPO in January 2019, and then followed-up with the 3 DAY event this past weekend in Columbus, Oh. Smith states that the apparel and supplements are just the beginning, and that she has a secret passion for makeup. Dare we see a PHP (Powerhouse Princess) Cosmetics line launch in the future? Standby, because we are 100% sure that this young powerhouse will continually elevate herself to new levels.




The Arnold Sports Festival began in Columbus, Oh in 1989—17 years before Smith was even born. Each year, thousands of athletes, from numerous backgrounds, as well as fitness fans from all over the world, come in droves to come get a record breaking experience and a chance to be as close as possible to the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold, known for movies such as THE TERMINATOR, was one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world in the 70s and 80s. He still packs a mean physique and continually adds new events to the expo annually. 75,000 people are known to attend yearly and over 10,000 athletes compete throughout the weekend. Arnold has clearly brought something special to not only Columbus, Oh but also to the world as this expo expands Internationally into Australia, Europe, Brazil, Africa and Asia each year. Smith states that one of her goals is to be a major vendor at all locations before she graduates high school, and we have no doubt that she’ll make that happen.





To keep-up with the success of Smith’s business, FOLLOW her company on INSTAGRAM @teampowerhouseathletics. Her upcoming 6 WEEK FITNESS CHALLENGE starts March 25th, and is free, and her 2019 ATHLETE SEARCH is in full swing. Head to the 6 WEEK CHALLENGE tab or the JOIN THE SQUAD tab at to learn more.




Have a young superstar on your hands who you think deserves a feature? Email us at to tell us more.


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