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February 26, 2019



A theme you’ll find quite common in my speaking and writing is how easy it is to transpose aspects of fitness to aspects of our day to day. Lessons we learn in the gym can easily be applied elsewhere, if not everywhere.

For me, the gym is not only a place to work and sweat, but also a place to reflect and meditate. I find it to be a great place to not only work on my physical strength, but also my spiritual strength, which is absolutely essential. When my body is being strained, stressed, and pushed to achieve a goal; I feel that my spirit is also being pushed towards something higher and stronger in order to garner the physical strength necessary to reach that goal. When you “dig deep”, where exactly are you digging?

One thing that I learned long ago is that there is power in our speech. We hear people yelling in the gym. They encourage each other. They vocalize their physical struggle. They sound off their excitement when they rack up a hard set. Why do people do this? Because they are using the power of speech to bring out that last little bit of strength needed. It brings about that final push, and it helps some goal be achieved. Grunt. Yell. Whoop. Holler. It’s good for you!

This is what I want to talk about. How does this apply to everyday life? What does this have to do with strengthening your spirit?

When you’re using your voice to push others towards their goals, or to find and bring forth the last bit of strength in yourself, you’re speaking life. You’re speaking power. I think there’s something incredibly powerful and incredibly important in that. We have the ability to speak power into our endeavors. We have the ability to speak life into the achievement of our goals. That’s awesome.

In the Bible, Mark tells us that if we truly believe in the words we say, we can use them to make mountains crumble. Now, I don’t have any beef with mountains, but I don’t see why that same power can’t be useful in achieving more (or maybe less) practical goals. Isaiah says that his words that are sent out will not return empty, but will achieve the purpose for which they were spoken.

Obviously I’m paraphrasing, but man... that’s some powerful stuff. I haven’t only seen these things in text, but I’ve seen them in our own physical world. I’ve seen the power that words have to build people up. I’ve experienced the power words have to turn a sorry, waste of a miserable day into a masterpiece of positivity and productivity. We all have this power, not just in our own lives, but in the lives of every person we come in contact with.

This should be one of our most easily attainable and bountiful sources of motivation. The fact that we most definitely can use something so simple as words to move us towards our goals, should be empowering in and of itself.

When we are motivated, we are in a place where our spirit is being fed. If we are feeding our spirit on positivity and productivity, we are building spiritual strength. If you are motivated to do good, your spirit is pointed towards success. Your goals become ever closer to being accomplished.

It is very important to speak positively about your future. Speak in terms of when, rather than if, in reference to achieving your goals. This helps to create a productive mindset. It helps to remove the doubt that tends to hinder us. It’s a great example of living by faith.

When you transition from “if I can accomplish this” to “when I accomplish this”, you find it much easier to stay on task. It becomes much more difficult to get distracted or discouraged. Both your goal and your progress become more tangible. You are literally talking yourself towards success. You’re giving yourself the power to be successful.

Speak life into your marriage. Speak life into your family. Speak life into your career, your home, your health, etc. Don’t focus on negativity. Don’t wag your tongue about how hard things are, how unfair life is, what you need to be happy. Instead, talk about how blessed you are. Talk about your reasons to be happy. Speak life into yourself. Do this, and you will see growth in all aspects of yourself.

It is powerful. It’s not something to be taken lightly. It’s also not something that should be utilized selfishly. Our tongues have the power of life and death (Proverbs 18.21), so we should always choose to use that power to encourage others. We should always build up our neighbors. We should always defend and protect each other, with our words. We should always speak life into each other.

Whether you are yelling at someone to get that last rep up, or trying to remind someone that they are worthy, or just trying to brighten someone’s day... maybe you are trying to do these things for yourself... your words can truly make the difference. Choose them wisely. Use them productively. Whisper them gently, or yell them boldly... whatever it takes to drive them home. Our words may not be the thing that fulfills our goals, but they may very well be the catalyst.


Blogger, Terry Conder 


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